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Running in 2023...

The PLAY & PRAY series is back! 
In the footsteps of ‘Sensible Shoes’ - a book by Sharon Garlough Brown &  used with permission.

This series of retreat days uses creative, meditative & reflective spiritual exercises to help connect with the Creator, Big God, Whispering God - insert the name you use here. NO artistic history needed.
Save the date or book in now...4th day
10am - 3pm
9th December, 2023.

Suitable for all ages, interests & abilities,

for anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual life:

plumbers, accountants, builders, students, pastors, parents, cleaners, electricians, etc.... 
The list is endless.
For more insight into the kind of ways we help people go deeper see our Sunset ritual and Stay at Home Retreat series.

Make a weekend of it and book to stay overnight in a cabin.

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”  ― Mahatma Gandhi

We want to provide a place to nourish our souls, deeply, personally & together.


Over the years we have found a lot of help from practices used for centuries, within various Christian traditions- e.g. using imagination in prayer - lectio divina as we sit 'in' the scriptures, walking a labyrinth prayerfully, as well as more recent creative practices using pencils, colour and fabric as creative ways to connect with God.

We're greatly influenced by the Celtic proverb "If you want to know the creator- create".

Our by-line is 'Be nurtured in nature', and being set within beautiful natural surrounds & views on these 100 acres is not just a beautiful place to be, it's a part of where and how we meet with God.

So, with our experience and training in Contemplative spiritual direction, as artists, pastors, in running groups and retreats, we're digging into our spiritual tool bag to provide these activities and processes that have fuelled our own spiritual life for the past few decades, especially through the last crazy year.

We want to share them with you, giving you the chance to meet with God through these exercises, to incorporate them into your spiritual routines, finding new and old ways to go deeper. 

Who are these retreats for?

Those who believe there is a Divine Being to connect with,

Anyone who has a relationship with the Creator,

You may or may not use the word God,

People who follow Jesus and those that don't,


Anyone who desires deeper spiritual connection.

Your investment: $100, including morning tea.

“Pray to catch the bus, then run as fast as you can.” 
― Julia CameronThe Artist's Way

What to expect:
           Quiet,                    Ah-ha moments(insights)             Laughter        
Creative exercises (no artistic ability needed)                   
  Meeting other people prepared to reflect        A day away from the daily demands                          

Max & Bronwyn will guide you in a range of ways to travel through the day.

To find out more about Bronwyn & Max's training, worldviews and experience visit ABOUT US

What else could you do while in the area?

On the way home drop in for some fresh swimming at the river or 

Stop in Dungog for a relaxed dinner before heading home, or....

St Andrews Pres Ch from place
Visit the historic town of Dungog with a local artisan gallery, cafes, churches & other historic buildings
Visit the Barrington Tops National Park World Heritage Area
Soak in the silence & watch the sunset change colours over the Barrington Tops
Enjoy our visiting local wildlife
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