"Easing the COVID-19 restrictions – no time for complacency" says Professor Michael Kidd, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Australia, (See his full article here).

However we are excited to be taking guests again but naturally, we want people to be covid aware and safe. 

This page shows you some of the things we have put in place to do this. Plus there are things we need visitors to do too.

So before you book please read this page to be sure you can agree to these requirements.

If you think there is anything we have missed please feel free to email us with your suggestions.

For Fosterton Retreat to be COVID-19 safe we need visitors to agree to the following:
Practice Good Hand Hygiene: See "Coronavirus video- Good Hygiene Starts Here."

Please work through this checklist before your visit:
1.    Have you, or any of your party recently returned from OS?                                      Y/N
If 'Yes',  did they isolate for 14 days?                                                                                        Y/N 
If 'No' you cannot visit Fosterton Retreat and must cancel your booking.
If Yes we look forward to your stay.

2.    Have you, or any of your party recently been in contact with a person diagnosed with covid-19 or in a covid-19 hotspot?                                                                               Y/N
If 'Yes',  did you/they isolate for 14 days?-                                                                           Y/N 
If 'No' you cannot visit Fosterton Retreat and must cancel your booking.
If 'Yes' we look forward to your stay.

3.    a. Have you or any of your party, previously been diagnosed with covid-19?        Y/N
b. If 'Yes' has it been at least 14 days since the onset of symptoms?                                 Y/N
c. If 'Yes' have you been clear of symptoms for at least 72 hours?                                     Y/N
 If 'Yes' to 3a, you must answer 'Yes' to both 3b & 3c PLUS provide evidence of complete isolation  before you can come to Fosterton Retreat.

If in the 72 hours prior to the time of your visit any of you are unwell with respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath or a sore throat, please let us know and immediately get tested.
•    Place yourself  in isolation until you have received your covid-19 test result. 
•    You cannot come to Fosterton Retreat until your results come back clear.
•    If your results are positive you must cancel your individual booking and follow medical advice.
•    House bookings can still go ahead if the checklist below clears others in the group.
•    Of course if your results are negative for covid-19  you are welcome to come  without any changes.


While at Fosterton retreat if you are not from the same household distancing guidelines still apply.

If you or any of your group becomes unwell while at Fosterton Retreat
•    Please call your own GP or health direct on 1800 022 222. 
•    If you need to be tested you must self isolate until your results come back negative. You can drive straight home without stopping anywhere and self-isolate OR  stay in a self isolation at Fosterton Retreat, at your expense.
If you or any of your group test positive while at Fosterton or within 28 days of being at Fosterton Retreat you need to let us know asap. 
Note: NSW Health is urging anyone feeling unwell, even with the mildest of symptoms to self-isolate from others and come forward for COVID-19 testing.  Symptoms include fever, cough, sore/ scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell. 

For more information go to:

World Health organization: "Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)", OR
Australian Government Department of Health: "Coronavirus (COVID-19)" Or
NSW Government: " Covid-19

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The cabin is the ideal getaway and the view from the deck at sunset was amazing! -Annette

Really secluded, private and a great mini break. - Caitlin

Fosterton House



Perfect house for 3 families with kids. pool & spa were very child friendly with a ledge within the pool....perfect for young kiddies. - Monica


The natural and tranquil setting at Fosterton lends itself to moments of reflection on the verandah which surrounds the main house... Bronwyn & Max are generous hosts who share their knowledge and experience with those who are keen to explore. - Sande

Our dream


A place of connection, re-creation, restoration and transformation via nature, 

creativity and place. 

Max & Bronwyn acknowledge that our retreat is on sacred Worimi land once under the care of the Gringai and Biripi people. We recognize the care & connection they have with country and respectfully acknowledge their past, present & emerging leaders. 
Our role is both a privilege & responsibility to care for this land in a respectful way that gives credence to its origins and the inhabitants.