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Labyrinth resources

General resources

A guide from Max for using a finger labyrinth:

  • Find a comfortable position.  

  • Centre yourself with some slow deep breaths. 

  • Perhaps you could draw-journal a question that you will carry with you into the labyrinth,  (be open also to other input.).

  • Say a prayer, if you like, for support, healing, and guidance.

  • Place a finger at the entrance of the labyrinth. (Some people suggest that you use  your non-dominant hand, as research suggests that our non-dominant hand has easier access to our intuition.)

  • Follow the path and notice what you feel and think.  You may want  to jot down any of these and then as Elsa told us, let it go-release and continue.

  • Pause whenever you want and notice.

  • When distracting thoughts come up, simply let them pass and wish them well.

  • When you arrive at the centre, pause for awhile and receive. Be open to whatever guidance and wisdom you may need, even if it’s not what you expected.

  • When you’re ready, follow the path outward, consciously return and bringing the wisdom of the centre out into your life with you.

  • In your journal, write or sketch anything that came to you while you made the journey.

  • As a person once told me..."that was a waste of time, all I got was a sense of peace". If that is all you get, enjoy. Lower your expectations, enjoy the peace, and sometimes the wisdom of the labyrinth is simply the pause that it forces you to take. Max

Stay at home retreat exercises

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Research about labyrinths:

Welcoming in a new year

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Simple exercise to grow gratitude:

Thankfulness circles

7 circuit rose
cedar double sided.JPG

Double sided red cedar -

7 circuit.

Chartres cedar.JPG

Max help me create my own

Chartres 11 circuit- recycled timber

Other simple guides to walking a labyrinth:

A simple guide by the Sydney Labyrinth

Video from Grace Cathedral

Resources from the Australian Labyrinth Network 

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