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Answers to your frequently asked questions....

How far is it from Dungog?

We're about 10 km from Dungog- you can even bring your bikes on the train & cycle there!

Can we get there after rain?

The Fosterton Loop is an all-weather road. So if periodically the bridge is out of action you can go the other way round. Some people believe this way is even more beautiful.

Does it often rain?

You can't have rainforest without a bit of rain, but there are more sunny days. Sadly the rain is getting less predictable but we have been fortunate to not be in drought.

How do I know if there is a fire ban?

It is your responsibility to be fire safe- see NSW Rural Fire Service website, they give fire ratings for all NSW- we are region 3

Is there native wildlife to see?

Most of the land is bush so in just a 20 minute walk friends saw 25 species of birdlife. Some harder to find in NSW. We will be marking out walks in the near future and posting photos as we discover more.

Can I bring my dog?

There are wallabies & koalas on the property and since domestic animals are not so good around vulnerable native ones unless specifically trained. So please get someone else to look after them while you have a break.

Is there wi-fi?

Not at present- we encourage getting away from it all! Some people use their phones as personal hotspots to check in.

Do we have to do a retreat to stay?

No you can book to stay any time there is a vacancy,

just fill in an enquiry form to book today.

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