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How a day at Fosterton could benefit your staff

In your business or organisation your staff are your greatest resource, so to release their potential is to your advantage:

  • Develop your staff as a team,

  • Allow them to look at their passions and contributions,

  • Encourage the creative, reflective side (which opens up new possibilities).

We can tailor make a day to suit the goals of your organisation or business.

  • · 1/2, 1 or 2 day experiences.

How will your team benefit?

  • · An increase in their well-being, creativity, problem-solving,


  • · Using the 100 acres of restorative and beautiful nature,   labyrinths*, creative reflection and

  • based in Lead Management and Choice Theory.

Perfect for small teams- 4-12.

Max, (someone you won't forget easily) is a small business owner himself, trained in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management.

He runs groups and individual work using interactive and fun methods.

Max has been working with leaders in a variety of settings, he is also a youth & family worker, and a therapist (for more than  40 years).

Sometimes described as “the man with too many hats” figuratively and literally, he is often seen dressed as a pirate engaging in conversations with people looking for their own individual treasure- things that matter.


Make it a day or an overnight stay.

Suitable for groups under 12.

Costs for up to 12 people, (a great cost per person).

1/2 day: $1,500

1 day:    $ 2,500

2 day:    $ 6,400 incl. overnight accommodation.

Contact Max to plan the event that suits your team: 0490 663 228 or

To invest in your best resource contact us

0490 663 228 or 0439 500 909 

"Max's strong connection with the earth and all that it has to offer is as energizing as it is refreshing." (Jane - CEO)

*Never heard of a labyrinth? They are not mazes, but they are amazing!

Mazes are designed to confuse, whereas labyrinths have a single path and are helpful in gaining clarity for all who will allow it.  They are a path with a purpose. Research supports their benefits.

Find out more.


As a team Bronwyn and Max come with a variety of experience.

Max has years of experience in counselling, family & community work, spiritual direction, pastoring, is a labyrinth facilitator, training in Welfare and Choice Theory/Reality Therapy.

Bronwyn has years of experience in community development, group work, tutoring, pastoring, training in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy, a Degree in Natural History Illustration, and is currently a lecturer and PhD candidate. 

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