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How a day at Fosterton could benefit your staff

Your staff are your greatest resource, so to release their potential is to your advantage:

  • Develop your staff as a team,

  • Allow them to look at their passions and contributions,

  • Encourage the creative, reflective side (which opens up new possibilities).

We can tailor make a day to suit the goals of your organisation.

Make it a day or an overnight stay.

Suitable for groups under 20.

Starting day price $400 each for up to 5 people, less for more......

To invest in your best resource contact us

0490 663 228 or 0439 500 909 

Max has years of experience in counselling, family & community work, spiritual direction, pastoring, is a labyrinth facilitator, training in Welfare and Choice Theory/Reality Therapy.

Bronwyn has years of experience in community development, group work, tutoring, pastoring, training in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy, a Degree in Natural History Illustration, and is currently a lecturer and PhD candidate. 

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