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Sunset rituals






Bronny and I have a great view of the Barrington Tops National Park from our verandah up here at Fosterton Retreat. We often start the day with a reading and breakfast there, with the birdlife and wallabies entertaining us. At the end of the day we also make a concerted effort to watch the last rays of the day disappear together, and have adapted some questions from the Josephite nuns prayer book, to help us review and take note of the day.

We sit in silence, simply watching, until it fully disappears. No two sunsets are alike, and we are often filled with gratitude and wonder at this moment of day's close.

Silence, gratitude and observing whilst sitting in nature, is a great tonic in this time. Connection with ourselves and our environment, has its own benefits.                                                            

To start your Sunset Ritual.                                                                     Notice where west is and create a comfortable place where you can observe the fireball going down. A suitable drink, pot of tea, coffee, wine helps make the occasion become an event. Put your phone on mute or away.

Take 5 deep breaths. Breathe through your nose, fill your lungs and notice your belly rise, hold for a few seconds before you reverse the air direction, notice how your belly deflates.

To Contemplate.

What am I thankful for, today?

What am I least thankful for?

What did I notice?

What can I smile over?

What is stirring in my heart?

What is the state of my heart?

How am I feeling?

What is my body telling me?


and to contemplate tomorrow...

How important is the sun to life on this planet?

Keep that in mind as you look at.

How important is the sun to my life?



Max and Bronwyn

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