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Our next retreat...

25- 27th May 2018                          
"Play & Pray zone" Using creativity for prayer.

We all get the call to pray in disasters, imagine being pre-emptive.

Gain some insight and learn fun ways to pray.

With the new year comes new possibilities.


This retreat will help you keep focus on the things that help you stand despite what life throws at you.  

Learn some practical exercises to take stock and prepare in the beautiful setting of Fosterton Retreat, with its 100 acres of nature and serenity.

Spend time focusing on the core of you, on your inner life, to build strength and resilience through:

  1. Looking at what brings you alive

  2. Identifying your core purpose  so you can align with it

  3. Naming and taming things that hold you back

  4. Practices to help you listen to your inner voice.

  5. Detoxing from the busy-ness and being nurtured in nature


We don't provide the answers but lead you through exercises to help you identify these for yourself. There will be ideas, laughter, quiet, sharing, reflecting and fun as we spend time as a group, reflective time one on one with Bronwyn & Max and time on your own.

Your investment is only $450 (Fri night- Sunday lunchtime) 

23-25th February 2018   "Solid rock- standing on sacred ground"  Building inner strength and resilience.

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