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A retreat is a stepping back (not running away) for the purpose of going deeper within.

Creating SOME Calm
using labyrinths

In my own experience and as a Therapist, (the research backs it up*) labyrinths are a mindfulness practice helpful in dealing with stress, trauma, reflection, personal insights, future planning.            Come and experience your own walk.

Creating some calm-Oct 2023 latest version.jpg

For people interested in creating personal       calm and ways to take it home.

Join us for this mini-retreat if you're looking for everyday ways to make more quiet space in your life so the deep work of transformation can happen. Or use it to deepen your spiritual practices and increase contemplative elements.

Look out over the green trees of Fosterton Retreat with wide views connecting you to the earth and the wider world while you do inner work towards healing using the ancient path of the labyrinth. (It's not a maze but it is a-maz-ing!)

A waft of eucalypts encourages your senses with the full-body experience of walking the curving labyrinth path.

Turn down the noise of a busy life here where the quiet is tangible and only interrupted by local wildlife or Max as he enthusiastically fills you in on some of the labyrinths history and role in a number of cultures.

Hear how we, and others, use them in transformative, meditative and prayer practices. Experience it for yourself by walking our 4 outdoor labyrinths with views across to the Barrington Tops and our 100 acres and  try a wooden handheld one, where your fingers do the walking.

This is definitely for you if you:

  • Need a day of peace and quiet,

  • Want to add ways to make room for deep healing- personal, relational, environmental.

  • Have heard of or seen labyrinths but don't really understand what they are (except beautiful to look at),

  • Are a transformational-spiritual-leader & practitioner helping other people heal and grow,

  • Are interested in how to use labyrinths in your meditative practices.

Wallabies on labyrinth.JPG

Plus- you will take home:

  • A peaceful, personal experience,

  • Ideas to incorporate at home,

  • Connections with others who are also working on transformation,

  • Memories of having been nurtured in nature.

Bronwyn & Max-pirate photo.jpg

A great gift idea for those people in your world who love meaningful experiences.

This retreat is led by Max Greive, so visit our FAQs to find out more about him, or contact us to see if this is a good fit for you:

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