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We heard a great saying last year: "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago-the second best time is now."

This also applies to retreats, people often say "One day I'll do a retreat" or "I've often thought about doing a retreat."

Well 2020 is a good year for it.

A retreat is a stepping back (not running away) for the purpose of going deeper within.

FR sunset med.jpg

A great weekend experience.


Leave your responsibilities and cares behind you, for the weekend, turn down the white noise of busyness and spend some time in the serenity of FR, overlooking the stunning Barrington Tops National Park. Arrive on Friday while the wallabies graze
You can stop in the quaint town of Dungog for a meal on the way, or pack yourself a picnic dinner and eat on the edge of the Williams River (at Newells Crossing on Fosterton road).

Settle into to the comfortably and artfully decorated FH with Max and Bronwyn available to show you around. Have a quick swim in the pool and join others to sit on the front verandah to watch the wallabies graze and the sun set.

An experiential weekend:

After sunset comes an opening exercise meeting the people you will share this space with over the weekend and each work out your personal focus for this time. Good news, there is no right or wrong answer to this quest, actually you can’t get it wrong.

Begin the silence with supper under the stars.

Breakfast will be set out so you can help yourself and enjoy eating at one of the number of spectacular viewpoints.

Spend the day in quiet with guided exercises to help you be present, deepening your self-awareness and sense of being at the retreat but also of use in everyday life. There is opportunity throughout the day to unpack some of your insights through one-to-one consult with retreat directors Max or Bronwyn.

a typical retreat...

Swimming pool with views.JPG

Come by train (from north or south) & be picked up from the station.

We don’t all have to have the same world view to learn together and from each other. Click here to find out more about Max & Bronwyn’s experience, beliefs & teaching styles.

Ideal for people who have never practiced the art of silence or those who have a lot of experience and want a window of time to practice more.

Phone 0439 500 909 or fill in an enquiry form for this great opportunity

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Is it suitable for me?

Suitable for all ages, yes anyone, who wants to deepen their relationships and understandings of themselves and others.  

I have never practised silence except when I'm asleep, is it suitable for me?

No matter who you are or what you do, silence is a great opportunity to go deeper.

Is this just for people of faith?  We don't have to have the same worldview to learn from each other. Click here for more FAQ

Led by  Bronwyn and Max Greive, both are artists with decades of experience in creativity, spiritual and personal growth and developing creative and interactive practices which feed your soul. Bronwyn and Max have been pastors, community workers and counsellors, as well as parents and grandparents.


Hear what others think of our retreats:

I cannot wait to experience another retreat with

Bronwyn and Max. They were very gifted in the way they

helped myself and the other participants overcome our perceived inadequacies to really give of ourselves, open up, and feel so protected when we shared. Bronwyn and Max's life experiences have enabled them to really reach out to people in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. Every participant was considered important, listened to and given support. The setting and accommodation was absolutely beautiful, and the hospitality relaxed with lovely home-made breakfasts and lunches. I really enjoyed mixing with the locals in Dungog for dinner. Highlights for me were the teaching, the lovely sunsets with prayer, chatting around the campfire, the gorgeous views, meeting new people on their journeys,

and the feeling of hope that I left with. Cath

MORE QUESTIONS?   Visit the FAQ on our website and see our whole mission statement or give us a ring to see if it fits for you 0439 500 909

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