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Couples Retreat
5 - 7 April 2023

Choosing to love.

We might not be the most usual looking couple, but neither are we the most-usual sounding one either. Because when asked Max how long we've been together he says "38 years and still learning."

And both parts of that are true.

M&B cropped-Family photos-82.jpg
M&B cropped-Family photos-82.jpg


Not everyone is in a relationship but this retreat is for any couple who want to prioritise, keep learning and deepening their relationship.

Love is a choice, every day.

With a belief that our relationships matter and a basis in Choice Theory Reality Therapy, the focus will be on practical proven exercises we have tried, which you can have a go at. 

Some years ago a friend said "I'm ashamed to say, I'm a success in every area of my life except my marriage- it's a mess." As a result, despite other successes, they were really struggling in life.

We have learnt so much from others, and each other over the years. We want to help equip people, who like us want to keep working at this core relationship providing exercises and time to explore.

This retreat focuses on connecting habits.

M&B cropped-Family photos-82.jpg
M&B cropped-Family photos-82.jpg


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What will be gained?

  • Refresh your friendship- at the core of healthy relationships.

  • Better understand  the way you both want things to be,

(Max the pirate and counsellor says this is our treasure. Read his blog about this treasure aka "The pictures in our head".) 

  • Finding things in common.

  • Identify or develop shared goals.  

  • Tools towards healthy conflict- we all have it some time.

  • Skills for weathering the tough times well.


Focusing on these aspects can increase your intimacy and strengthen the foundations of your relationship.

What are our credentials?

  • Both of us have training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy.

  • Max was trained in Prepare pre-marriage counselling.

  • Max has worked as a counsellor with individuals, couples, children and families for decades; he is still working in this capacity.

  • We're well-read in literature concerning intimate relationships, e.g:Getting Together, Staying Together, Eight Lessons for a Happier Marriage, both by William Glasser, Passionate Marriage (this term signifies a committed relationship not the paperwork) by David Schnarch, Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. 

  • Bronwyn and Max have both worked as pastors, particularly with people struggling with one, or more, of the three great Australian addictions: drugs, alcohol and gambling.

  • Plus, we've been together for 38 years. One of our sayings is  "It's hard enough to live with myself let alone someone else."

  • We pro-actively work at connection,

  • We've weathered some tough times apart from navigating our relationship; e.g: Bronwyn was widowed at 21 and a single mum of 2 boys, who have Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening illness which required a lot of daily care and hospitalisations, our first pregnancy didn't go full term.

  • Max married into an instant family.

  • Then we had 2 girls & brought up the 4 children.


What to expect & who it's for.

What to expect?

Yes, there will be other couples (limit of 8 couples),

Exercises are between you and your partner.

A safe environment,

Sharing in the group setting is limited. If you want to share in the group session it is time and content restricted: how an exercise made you feel, or something you have learnt.

Time for you to focus on each other.

We will lead sessions to pass on a tool for connecting and the reasoning for using it, then you go off and give it a go!

Joint meal times.

If you want a private couples retreat then contact us.

What not to expect:

This is not problem focused, but rather practical tools for connecting.

It is not a free-for-all dumping time.

We aren't diagnosing or labelling relationships, this is your time to begin to build connecting habits.

There won't be long teaching sessions- it is practically focused(see above).


Who is it for?

Any couple who has been together as a couple for a few  years, (having moved from infatuation to the reality of love)

All ages.

Are currently in a monogamous relationship.

Note, if you are currently in relationship counselling, see below*.

For more general information about retreats go to our Retreats Overview and the FAQ about Retreats.

*If you are in relationship counselling we want you to speak to your counsellor about the suitability of this weekend and have their support. They are welcome to contact us to find out more.

Is there anyone it is not for?

If either of you think there is current alcohol or drug abuse,

Violence,  threats of violence or even the fear of violence.

Mental Health issues that are unmanaged,

Current, or a history of harmful thoughts or actions, to yourself or others.

If you identify in any of these areas counselling for you as a couple is available, outside of this retreat.


Your investment in your relationship for this Couples Retreat without accommodation is $1200 per couple (a non-refundable deposit is needed within 7 days of booking).

Which includes 2 days, with sessions in the group, reflective and practical exercises as a couple, resources to take with you, as well as morning, afternoon tea, and lunch.

Plus, a 1 hour follow up session, with either Max or Bronwyn, as a way to keep enjoying the adventure, which must be scheduled within 12 weeks after the retreat.


Accommodation available on site for 7 couples.

Accommodation costs begin at $120 per night. (A simple breakfast is provided for those staying onsite.)

Still not sure?

Read more about us or

Contact us to see if this is a good fit for you.

Via our enquiry form or

Email: or

Phone: Max- 0490 663 228

             Bronwyn: 0439 500 909 

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