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Sounds of Silence 2024
       a Silent Retreat

A Silent Retreat encourages you to restrict talking and listen well. You will hear nature bursting all about you. You will get plenty of time to collect your thoughts as well. Some people find sleep a great partner.


Switch off the technical world

Switch off your phone. Hand it in or leave it at home. Allow nature and your heartbeat to communicate with you.

Be nurtured by nature.

At Fosterton we have 101 acres for you to restore your connection with the beauty and wonder of nature. The view of the Barringtons and surrounding hillsides and mountains, the local flora and fauna, the waterways of creeks and nearby river are all available while you retreat. 

Mindfulness, use our labyrinths to contemplate, meditate.  

Come find yourself in one of our labyrinths. Mindfulness is well researched as being helpful for well being, Labyrinth too! Notice your thoughts and let them go.

Rediscover your foundations. 

Using silence, you may uncover some uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Prolonged silence can help you better process and manage negative thoughts and teach you to stop reacting to negative sensations—both during the retreat and long after.

Fresh air is good for you.

Discover a new path.

Set a new life of choice & purpose.



Silence is really good for us. Spending a portion of our downtime in silence helps regulate our hormones, reduce our blood pressure, boost our immune systems, and enhance our creativity and self-awareness. The result is greater calm, clarity, and centeredness.


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