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People often say to us: "One day I'll do a retreat" or "I've often thought about doing a retreat."

We heard a great saying: "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago-the second best time is now."

This is true and also applies to retreats.

Retreats in planning for 2024

Sounds of silence: choose 2, 5 or 7day silent directed retreat.

In the Shoes of Van Gogh: An art retreat learning from the art and reflections of Vincent van Gogh.

We can't guarantee a koala when you visit, but 'our' wallabies are lovely too.
Koala photo coutesy of guest Phillip.


Max will be running Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, 

Lead Management, (CTRT&LM) in 2024 - dates to be confirmed.

One person cannot ‘make’ another person do anything that person chooses not to do. 
This way of working with people (including ourselves)

helps us understand which of our basic needs we're trying

to meet & healthy ways to get there.

If you engage with people in any capacity,

it is a helpful tool for:
Working through relationships with family or neighbours, and/or 
Youth workers,          Family workers,
Teachers, (of all ages)   
Community workers,        Managers,          Social workers,
Well-being teachers,        Counsellors,       Health workers,   
Aged cared workers,        Pastors,              NDIS workers (in any role)...
.... you get the idea.


Want to know more? Call Max 0490 663 228.

As we used to say at mayCARE Community Centre: 

"It's good for ages 4- 104".  (We trained all the volunteers in basic CTRT). 

Find our more about Choice Theory at our resources pages or retreat and training pages.


We can run a retreat just for you, or you & a friend, or a group of friends, or you & your partner.

  Possible personal/group retreats

                Listening to self in nature

                The Seasons of Change

                Creating a life you can love

                Finding some Calm

                Play & Pray

                In the eye of the storm-being still in a busy world

                An Attitude of Gratitude

                A Walk Toward Healing

                Having Fun in the Labyrinth

                Where are you now - where do you want to be?

                Solid Rock-Standing on Sacred Ground-

                                  Building Inner Strength & Resilience

                Awakening your creativity

                Forgiving self-forgiving others



Specific couple themed retreats:

                Knowing me knowing you (understanding each other's personality)

                Love languages (learning how each other best receives love)

                Deepening Our Love Story

Some people ask: "What is the point of a retreat?"

Our retreats (even creative ones) are for stepping back (not running away), to take stock of the now, learn new things, going deeper within before heading forward.


For direct information about retreats join our newsletter list or friend us on fb . 



Awakening your creativity, 
Untangling your personality through the ancient wisdom of the enneagram, (looking at 9 personality types)
Play and Pray Zone (In the Spirit of the book: 'Sensible Shoes')
Take charge of your life: using Choice Theory in the everyday

More information will be added to our retreat page throughout the year. 
If you would like to know more about who we are and our values visit our 'About us' page or you can contact us to see if any of these are a fit for you.

Did you know?
                           We can offer you your own retreat and creative dreaming space with life coaching, nurturing and if wanted Spiritual Direction.

maxs creative prayer 001.jpg

If you're interested in nurturing your interior world, but couldn't get to a retreat this year, or would like to know more about what we do, check out our Stay-at-home retreat series on our blog.

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