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We held our 7th OPEN DAY on the 19th February.

Visitors had a taste of what we do.

 a bushwalk,  a labyrinth walk,  a creative reflective exercise, plus food and drink. A koala showed up.

Thanks everyone for coming



About Retreats:

People often say to us: "One day I'll do a retreat" or "I've often thought about doing a retreat."

We heard a great saying: "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago-the second best time is now."

This is true and also applies to retreats.

Well 2022 is a good year for it. 

Some people ask: "What is the point of a retreat?"

Our retreats (even creative ones) are for stepping back (not running away), to take stock of the now, learn new things, going deeper within before heading forward.

maxs creative prayer 001.jpg


Develop your creativity, 
Untangling your personality through the ancient wisdom of the enneagram, (looking at 9 personality types)
Play and Pray Zone (In the Spirit of the book: 'Sensible Shoes')
Take charge of your life: using Choice Theory in the everyday

More information will be added to our retreat page throughout the year. 
If you would like to know more about who we are and our values visit our 'About us' page or you can contact us to see if any of these are a fit for you.

Did you know?
                           We can offer you your own retreat and creative dreaming space with life coaching, nurturing and if wanted Spiritual Direction.