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Sculpting for a Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit*:
Take 2!

No gym membership needed

*This is a wellness activity in a sustainable venue, using nature, reflection and creating as a pathway to self insight. It also gently stretches your brain while learning new skills.

Suitable for beginners and those with experience. 

Friday 31st May -  Sunday 2nd June 2024 
Fire Sticks-Pat Davidson.jpg
Fire Sticks by Pat Davidson

Why Take 2?
Due to  covid-19 lockdowns we were unable to run this great retreat when originally planned in 2021.                                                                    Bronwyn & Max

You've thought about it, maybe promised yourself "one day". So come immerse yourself in a creative environment & develop your creativity through sculpture with artist Pat Davidson , also trained in Art Therapy.

At this Sculpture adventure you will:

​Spend time under first class tutoring with a great local artist & educator, versatile in a range of media,

Use your imagination in a personal and creative journey,

Be led through sculpture processes & techniques:

​Learn the difference between working 2D & 3D,

Make 3D forms in different media, because sampling a range of different materials can open you up to new insights, ideas and techniques.

Increase your skills- if a beginner- BEGIN. If proficient - learn from someone of great ability,

Enjoy it in the now, plus take home a range of  sculptural techniques,

Create at least 6 different artworks,

​Give yourself permission to spend time nurturing your creative side, 


Current research shows numerous creativity is good for us on lots of levels, even if we don't see ourselves as artists. What a statement!

There is evidence in a wide range of research showing creating helps our mental health, our intellect, our overall wellness 

Benefits from creativity range from stress release, to brain plasticity, emotional resilience, intelligence and attention. It has been explored in hospitals with benefits for the patient and carers. It has benefits with memory, even people when there is a serious brain disorder.

Watch 'Can Art be Medicine?'  from Art &

See more research here.

Sculptural Container-Pat Davidson.jpg

Sculpture Container by Pat Davidson

Sunset diners med.jpg

View of Mountain View cabin at Fosterton Retreat

Combine this with the benefits of nature by enjoying the wildlife, with wallabies, birds & plants at your door.

Use your art to help you connect with nature when you make an Earth Sculpture from the local environment.

Be inspired and enjoy local talent  when you visit the local art galleries: Dungog by Design, Dungog Art Society & Gallery on Dowling. All in the historic town of Dungog,

Pat is a great teacher who loves to draw the best out of students as well as generously share what she knows.

She has a Master of Visual Arts, with Distinction and trained in Art Therapy, plus years of teaching experience with all ages: in classrooms, with small groups, and students with special needs..

Remember, creativity is never just about a product or a medium it is also a journey of the soul, so...

Be encouraged & encourage others on the shared journey of  creativity through sculpture and a yarn circle. PLUS

Stay overnight and sit around the fire pit, under the stars sharing stories of success & failure, because this is where we learn the most (See Brene Brown's video 'No vulnerability, No creativity. No tolerance for failure, no innovation.')

And you can book in with Max a one-to-one coaching session or a facilitated labyrinth walk to dream the next step in your creative life story... 

Sounds great- tell me more...

Who is this for?  

For beginners through to experienced artists.

For those who say "One day I'll do some art..."
For people who have never sculpted or,
For those with a lot of experience,
For artists,
For NSW teachers, this could be an elective PD course*,
For those wanting to grow their creativity, or
For a bunch of friends, 

For people looking to enjoy a weekend in the country with a fun activity thrown in.

So, get ready to create!

Refuge Exhibition-Pat Davidson.jpg

Refuge by Pat Davidson

When?  Friday 31st May- Sunday 2nd June, 2024. 
Arrive any time from 2pm Friday and stay as late as 4pm Sunday 

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

What will we do?

At least 6 different techniques = making 6 different artworks.

Go deeper in yourself as you learn 

Pat will teach everyone sculpting techniques that you can just enjoy at the time, use at home, develop further, or for teachers, incorporate them into your class room.

Pat uses accessible, cost effective techniques and materials: 

  • Through manipulating paper,

Learn to carve homemade sandstone: this technique Pat developed mimics sandstone but is easier to carve ,

  • Create an Earth sculpture from the environment itself,

Upcycle by using waste as a sculpture material,

  • Fabric & plaster freeform sculpture,

 Manipulate wire for ‘A Sign  in Space’ sculpture.

Limited to 16 places- this is a boutique experience with a small group at the artistic Fosterton Retreat. Both residential and non-residential places available. Keep reading to see your investment & options. 

​Save the date, come along to develop your creative skills through sculpture (no matter what your skill level).

More about your tutor, Pat Davidson:

Pat is a practising artist & educator, has a Master of Visual Arts, (with Distinction),  has taught across a wide variety of creative & visual arts areas. She is skilled at helping people develop their individual creativity, loves swimming in the ocean & is inspired by messing about in nature.


Pat has taught a variety of people: children, young people, & adults, including people with disabilities & special needs. She is also trained in art therapy, understanding that creating is a way to gain personal insight.

Pat continues to teach & keeps developing her own art practice.


Not sure? We are so excited to present this weekend & are happy to talk about it with you so call or email us to see if this is a good fit for you & share this exciting weekend event with others.

Bronwyn       &     Max 

 0439 500 909  or   0490 663228


Early bird discount

To receive a 10% discount on the retreat cost.

See below

Resplendent Quetzal_edited.png

Friday 31st May

Make your way early to the lovely Dungog region, enjoy a meal in town, or a picnic by the river.

Arrive at Fosterton Retreat (only 12 minutes drive) Friday night & settle into your room, gather to meet Pat & other like-minded people. Learn, experiment & play with art materials, flexing those creative muscles, as Pat guides you into this playground.

Later sit around the fire pit with Max & Bronwyn & begin to dream your creative story,

Saturday 1st June 

Begin the day with a silent-self-serve breakfast.


Gather out on the hillside to welcome the day, using gentle movement & a creative exercise to connect you at all levels with nature around you.

Then come together to be guided & inspired by Pat as she helps us see the difference between 2D and 3D thinking. 

Begin to work in simple but amazing casting and carving.

What to expect

For the full retreat experience arrive at Fosterton Retreat for a weekend of creativity, laughter and immersion in beauty.  

Wake up each morning in your chosen accommodation, to the sounds of birds and the stretching over the valley with paddocks and bush at this edge of the view that stretches to the Barrington Tops National Park World Heritage Area.

Use this time to be nurtured by nature and let it fuel your art & your deeper self.

At night unwind under the stars around the fire pit to allow all that you've learnt to sink deep into your being.

This weekend is not a stand-alone experience but something  to take home  & build on.

Organise with us to arrive by train- come from north or south to our Interwar Functionalist style railway station.

For full terms & conditions for retreats click here. 

Saturday 1st June (cont'd) 


Enjoy a casual lunch followed by some time towork alone on your creating/rest/ wlak inthe bush/ head into Dungog to be inspired by the local artists (there are 3 galleries) and the historic town.

Return to Fosterton retreat for a further creative session.

Saturday night head into Dungog, where we'll eat dinner in town at one of the boutique eateries.

Later, once again enjoy an 'under the stars fire experience' as we contemplate what gets in the way of our creating.

Sunday 2nd June 

Gather on the hillside with art & physical exercises to let go of those things that stop us & hold those things that inspire us, again connecting & learning through nature around you.

Partake of a silent-self-serve breakfast before coming together to play more under Pat's guidance.

After a casual lunch finish off your works.'


Enjoy afternoon tea and a closing ritual to help you take your experiences from the weekend to relate & grow them into your everyday life.

Your investment for the weekend:

Swimming pool with views.JPG

Full Retreat Friday to Sunday includes:

A boutique retreat experience with limited numbers (16 max),

Tuition from talented local artist Pat Davidson,

2 afternoon teas, 2 suppers, 2 evening meals (1 in Dungog), 2 lunches, tea, coffee, 

Night time under the stars, around the fire pit (weather permitting) sharing stories of failure & success,

Morning pre-class activity connecting your creative side with the beautiful nature around you,

Accommodation on the property with all linen provided,

Visit to the artistic & historic town of Dungog,

Access to the swimming pool & spa,

Accommodation at Fosterton Retreat (see options below).

The chance to have a one-to-one coaching session or a facilitated labyrinth walk to dream about your creative journey,

Most art materials.


Early bird discount:

Book and pay the full fee before 3rd May 2024 to receive a 10% discount on the retreat cost.

Not included:

Alcohol & soft drinks

Transport to the retreat

Your investment for the full retreat =

$405 + your accommodation costs

Resplendent Quetzal_edited.png

Live locally & want to be a day participant or want to hang out while your partner creates? See below

Non-residential day participants: $350  


  • Tuition with renowned artist Pat Davidson,

  • Limited numbers (16 maximum total),

  • Friday night supper,

  • Visit to the artistic & historic town of Dungog,

  • Tea, coffee, 2 afternoon teas, 2 suppers,

  • Non-residential participants are welcome to join us in Dungog for dinner on Saturday night, at their own expense,

  • Only a few day places are available.

  • The chance to book a one-to-one session or a facilitated labyrinth walk to dream about your creative journey,

Optional add-on:

Book a one-to-one coaching session or a facilitated labyrinth walk, for just $50

Choose your accommodation:

Well appointed cabins:

  • Valley View -2 people, Queen bed, 1 bath, $ 160 p/night

  • Mountain View -2 people, Queen bed, 1 bath, $160 p/night

  • In Mountain View bring 2 more friends to stay in the single bunk beds at only $50 ea p/ night

Shared accommodation in the comfortable Fosterton House (5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

  • King room- 2 people, King bed, $ 120 p/ night

  • Queen room- 2 people, Queen bed, $110 p/ night

  • Double room- 2 people, Double bed, $100 p/ night

  • Shared bedroom- with 2 people in single beds, or 3 people in single beds, $70 p/person p/night.


Suitable clothing, footwear & toiletries 


A sense of fun

A few simple art materials, a list will be supplied 1 week before the retreat for all paid retreatants.

MV Bedroom med.jpg
Cabin bedroom
King Room Fosterton House
Queen Room Fosterton House
MV bunks.JPG
Bunk room in Mountain View 
Double Rooms Fosterton House
Room with single beds.JPG
Shared single bedroom- 2 bottom bunks available

Non-participating partners welcome:

Includes: meals as per full retreatant & accommodation.

Conditions apply: Partners must share a bed designed for 2 & amuse themselves through the day without infringing on the art tuition.

Swimming,  fishing & kayaking at the nearby Williams River
Visit the Barrington Tops National Park World Heritage Area
Fosterton Retreat Logo.jpg

Scroll back up for costs.

“I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.” 

Vincent van Gogh

*NSW teachers elective PD guidelines:

  • any course and/or activity in a priority area that is not accredited

  • Elective PD should:

  • enhance teaching practice to effect positive change and impact on student or child learning progress and achievement

  • link to clear and relevant goals that are related to improving student or child outcomes

  • provide opportunities for collaboration, transference and application of learning into teaching practice

  • involve opportunities to give and receive feedback and/or undertake self-reflection and reflection on the teaching practice of others

  • be research-based and evidence-based.

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