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What to do?

WHAT TO DO? Max Greive.

At the base of an Iron Bark tree, not far from the house, was a koala with arms outstretched, a whole foot off the ground . Unusual? It was a hot day, I didn't have much energy, neither did he.

That he hardly moved when I came close by to take a photo, was unusual – oh and his gunked up eyes revealed the truth – chlamydia, which unfortunately is too common.

He could hardly see. I wondered had he picked a tree near to the house, possibly asking and hoping for help? Some human intervention? At the base of a tree is not somewhere I regularly

see a koala. I look for lumps up high, swaying in a branch or asleep in a crook of a branch.

What to do? Let nature do its thing?

Take photos and post online? See how many likes I get?

Phone a friend?

How many ills in this world call for intervention? How many needs are we exposed to?

The lonely neighbour – the homeless soul – my aging parents – injustice – the war in Ukraine – the referendum – climate change – neighbours fighting?

Will I risk my hands getting dirty - possible scratches and some fight back - definitely take time?

Sometimes we do feel overwhelmed by the immensity of needs and retreat or withdraw.

Here at Fosterton Retreat, we say “A retreat is a stepping back ( not running away) for the purpose of going deeper within.”

Ultimately what I value will be shown by what I do.

Think globally, act locally is a possibility.

Asking “What kind of person do I want to be?” & “What kind of person do I want to be known as?” is another.

Answering the question “How do I want to be remembered?” by writing your own eulogy as Stephen Covey, author of ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ suggests, is another way to sort out the focus for now. Who do I want to be?

Our dream (of 38 years), is to create a place and run events, where you can be nurtured by nature, rediscover and tend your core roots, be inspired to have a go at a new adventure. Make and be the difference. Choose your next step. Make some space to grow what matters..

Oh and the koala: with the help of some neighbours, we did catch and take him to get assistance.

More to follow.

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