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Hey Max, how's that foot of yours?

Wearing shoes & boots more often? How's the dream of living in the bush? How is the Tree change? What keeps you busy up there?

Hi friends, if you haven't seen me recently; I did have an accident with a chainsaw, yes it won. Some months later, tendon has healed, skin also, I can bend my toe a little and generally get on with the tasks at hand.

Yes, I do mostly wear shoes & boots, as tractors , lantana-ing, and chainsawing all require some respect to my ageing body.

I do still find myself whistling throughout the days up at Fosterton, I love finding koalas and other wildlife. Currently there are a few Eastern Water dragons on Moylans Rd, sunning themselves on the road, the way they scamper on their back legs is fun. I do love the bush, where I can go a few days without seeing a soul, the constant birdsong drowns out the distant human noises-like trains/planes and nurtures my enjoyment & serenity.

There's always maintenance: grass grows, pool needs some hands on cleaning, gutters need clearing, pumps & other machinery need attending. Then there is the admin of bookings and checking emails and website. We are now heading into the cooler part of the year, and it is pretty spectacular to sit under the stars with a fire aglow, so I better get my chainsaw going again.

One of the things we do like, is sharing our place and running events, like day retreats. We are planning to have weekend and multiple day retreats in the future, once Bronny completes her PhD.... meanwhile, we are getting ready for our next Labyrinth day, Saturday April 29th.

This is for novices and experienced labyrinth walkers...AND You can walk the labyrinth with or without shoes!

If you aren't sure, read what past participants have said:

I really enjoyed the experience and can definitely see the therapeutic benefit." "Can you run a workshop for my school?" "We need one in our community" "Very calming- I could leave my busy mind and focus on one thing." "The exercise, reminded me to slow down and..." "I could feel some past stuff shrinking..." "Thanks Max, that was amazing, I was intrigued and sceptical at first, then a few steps" "I want another walk, this time on my own..." "...powerful and very insightful for me." "Even with all the people in front and behind, I was reminded, that we are all on journeys and dealing with our inner healings, alone and yet in a community of similiars" "Very helpful- I got clarity and could focus on my next step. Thanks."

Would you like to experience some of the above?

Then come join us at our next Labyrinth Day Retreat, Saturday 29th April.

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