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How good are labyrinths?

Are Labyrinths good or what?

Everyone who knows me knows that if you scratch me I bleed labyrinths and last week, I did a presentation workshop on "using labyrinths as a therapeutic tool" to my Choice Theory colleagues at our National Conference in Coolangatta.

I have been using labyrinths when working with others for many years, from mayCare days, then with various NGO's, working with dads and their families, and always getting a good result. Nowadays I get to use them in schools with students of all ages and of course at Fosterton Retreat, with guests and retreatants.

It can be hard to explain in writing what they have to offer people, there's copious research on their benefits, from mental health to prayer, so to put it all in a nutshell can be a challenge. But what fun to give people a hands on/writing/walking & learning experience; on how to use labyrinths for personal growth-meditation and as a helpful tool for when working with students and clients.

One size doesn't fit all, but we used 3 different labyrinths and methods: writing in a paper labyrinth, running your finger along the path of a hand held one and walking with others on a calico labyrinth on the floor. I had made a 6 sq m 7 circuit portable one specifically for the Conference.

Most people at this conference had never used a labyrinth, and of course with nearly 40 people the responses are varied, so below are some of the comments from participants after their experience.

"I really enjoyed the experience and can definitely see the therapeutic benefit." "Can you run a workshop for my school?" "We need one in our community" "Very calming- I could leave my busy mind and focus on one thing." "The exercise, reminded me to slow down and..." "I could feel some past stuff shrinking..." "Thanks Max, that was amazing, I was intrigued and sceptical at first, then a few steps" "I want another walk, this time on my own..." "...powerful and very insightful for me." "Even with all the people in front and behind, I was reminded, that we are all on journeys and dealing with our inner healings, alone and yet in a community of similiars" "Very helpful- I got clarity and could focus on my next step. Thanks."

If you would like to have a labyrinth experience, come and join us in a few weeks.

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