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Peace on Earth... ?

I do enjoy how labyrinths help me experience peace .....

I have made numerous labyrinths over the years. A lot of them are temporary, at beaches, schools, in parks at events like Hunter Arts Markets. Generally, children skip and play as they enter and journey to the centre, most adults walk in a more sombre way and end up acknowledging that that was a pleasant experience.

Years ago, a woman came up to me after she had had a walk on a labyrinth I had made.

"Well that was a waste of time " she said.

"Was it?" I asked. Also surprised.

"All I got, was a sense of peace."

"Wow, I'm sorry, that you think that was a waste of time."

In a time of individual & universal angst and pain, the cry for some peace is out there. In a world of chaos and randomness, where we feel we have little control I am reminded of the above- but also that I do have control over what I say and do.

As a "peacemaker"-counsellor-therapist, I am involved with others as they find new ways to enjoy life and find some peace. (Choice Theory calls this Situation B)

For me , along with walking labyrinths, I like to sit up at Fosterton Retreat overlooking the Mountains or down by the river where I can feel inner peace. I also spend some time working on making my surrounding environment more peaceful and get external peace.

I heard someone describe peace, "as a time between wars". A time when you willingly lay down your arms/rights to be offended and work with the other side on a new way forward. Instead of blaming the other side, we admit that we have something (big and bulgy, or toe kicking hurt) painful between us, that stops us from being able to listen, play and construct a new relationship. We then ask how can we remove this obstacle.

As some of you know, I have been influenced by Jesus and St Francis, to treat others with dignity and to go simply and oh how basic is "Love one another"? Remember that 70's classic song, "What the world needs now, is love sweet love- it's the only thing, that there's just too little of"? Oh, so true.

So back to "Peace on Earth" or at least on the little part that we have control over. We encourage each of us to take some moments and find some exercises, physical, mental, or artistic, to become the person we would like to be. More at peace, more in control and a soothing inspiring person to be with.

Imagine being known as a person who brings light, love and peace, wherever you go.

Join us at our next Open Day and walk one of our 3 labyrinths or join one of our retreats.

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