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Pictures in our heads-in search of Treasure.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Max Greive

We all have 1000's of pictures of what the "Good Life" looks like. These pictures involves everything: food-celebrations-drink-holidays-friends-fun-family-being loved-movies-transport, etc.

Bronny and I have been influenced by William Glasser's Choice Theory. He suggested that we have a Quality World which is made up of the People we want in our lives, the things we want to own and experience plus the kind of person we want to be, these highlight our values. As a pirate I call them my Treasure, and others like Hugh McKay call this "The Good Life".

Recognizing and identifying these pictures, really helps us work out what we "want". Then through our actions-behaviour we attempt to get these pictures into our reality. We refine these pictures over time and replace some with our updated new tastes.

Getting what we "want" is our constant motivator for doing. All our behaviour is trying to get our wants met.

That's why asking "Why did you do that?" is not as tangible or helpful as "What were you hoping to achieve, by doing that?".

So what do you want? What is the good life for you? Covid has helped us do an audit on what matters, so now is a good time to name our values, so we can take steps in line with them.

Take half an hour today to write down , draw or collage some of the things that make up the "good life" for you.



About the authors:

We are both practicing artists with decades of experience in creativity. Through our interests, passions and work we also have experience in developing creative and interactive practices which feed your soul, with the aims of facilitating spiritual and personal growth. We are parents and grandparents and have both been community workers, pastors, and counsellors. We like to help people in their quest to find a greater depth, meaning, peace and enjoyment in life. We also like to facilitate opportunities to deepen people's self-awareness and sense of being by nurturing their soul, strengthening their connections with nature and the divine.

Max has training in: Choice Theory, Spiritual Direction, Labyrinth Facilitation and years in Welfare, Bronwyn has training in Choice Theory, The Enneagram, a Bachelor of Natural History Illustration and is currently a PhD candidate & in Spiritual Direction formation.

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